Friday, December 09, 2005

Mitrovice/Mitrovica's new bridge: French KFOR built a new bridge to represent reconciliation between the communities, though given how deeply divided the communities still are, it could be said equally to represent just that division, to emphasise the distance and the fragility of the connections between them.

Notwithstanding this generosity, some individual French KFOR soldiers' behaviour has been at least questionable, with some intimation of acts of omission or commission that would constitute complicity in human rights abuses.

When I told the Albanian youths giving me a tour of south Mitrovice that I had not been able to take a photograph of the bridge from the road (as it might provide intelligence to terrorists), they brought me into a school playground, from which I could take a photograph of the bridge without giving any information that might undermine security (and without being stopped by a soldier).

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