Wednesday, December 07, 2005

North Mitrovica political art 4: the fire-steels around the cross are Cs - "CCCC [SSSS]", which means "Cvi Crbi Ce Cereju" - "Only Unity Saves Serbs". The tag "Crbija [Srbija]" - "Serbia" - insists that Kosovo is, or should be, not Kosova, an independent state, but Kosovo and Metohija, a part of the Serbian state. Kosovo is still under international administration; it does not yet have a definite status.

[Updated on the 22nd of November 2006]

Apparently, I should have read "CCCC [SSSS]" as "Samo Sloga Srbina Spasava", which means "Only Unity Saves Serbs", rather than as "Svi Srbi Se Sereju", which may mean "All Serbs are Shitting Themselves" (although their acronyms and popular usages are the same).

One friend, Sabina, tells me that:
cccc it means, in serbian language- samo sloga srbina spasava..your translation into english language its correct..but this translation of yours its not correct- cvi crbi ce mixed latinica+cirilica...C is cirilica writing, and it means, put s instead of c..svi srbi se sereju..again its falls, uncorrect..

it means, in srbian language, like- all srbs are shiting themselfs..srbian people use a lot of this fraze, also with meaning- samo srbin srbina spasava, it means- one srb is saving another srb..

its the same like samo sloga srbina spasava, and your translation is correct, just your direct translation its not..srbians took this from PALEOLOG, bizantins..original it goes like this BBBB- basileus basileon basileion basileusin..they took this from them, etc..
Another friend, Nikola, however, said that, in the phrase, "Svi Srbi Se Sereju", "that last word is meaningless", so I guess the whole phrase is; then, solely "Samo Sloga Srbina Spasava", "Only Unity Saves Serbs", remains.

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